Seminary Formation Programs


A candidate for seminary formation need not be absolutely positive that he is called to the priesthood. He should still give serious thought to his decision to enter a seminary by seeking information and advice. It is also suggested that he avail himself of the guidance of competent people, evaluate himself and his motivations, and above all, pray to the Lord for light, courage and strength to discern and follow the vocation that he is being called to embrace. 

  • For those without an undergraduate bachelors degree, studies for the priesthood ordinarily include up to four years of college and four post-graduate years in a Masters of Divinity (Theology) Program.
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  • For those who have already earned an undergraduate bachelor degree, studies for the priesthood include one or two years of pre-theology, and four post-graduate years in a Masters of Divinity (Theology) Program. 
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The Vocation Office hosts a variety of events from retreats to discernment groups. 

JPII House

The JPII House is a residence for adult men to encounter Jesus Christ through a formative living experience. 



Parishes and men discerning the priesthood can find free resources here.


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