Michael CourchaineDcn. Michael Courchaine

Fourth Theology

Parish:  St. Charles, Hartland

Seminary: Saint Francis de Sales 

Birthday: September 30

Intercessor: St. Michael the Archangel

Describe yourself:

I am a child of God, trying to seek His will in a world so opposed to Him.

Tell us your vocation story:

I was raised Catholic, and though I always considered the priesthood an option, I never felt it would be right for me. This changed my senior year of college when I felt a strong desire to grow closer to God. I began to pray in silence every day, go to daily Mass, and engage in religious reading. Through frequent praying alone, in silence, in a usually empty church a block away from my college house, I began to feel that God may be calling me to the priesthood. Although I didn’t want this to be the case at the time, because it meant giving up my dream job and lifestyle, I realized with the help of Fr. Luke’s wisdom, how foolish it would be to not enter the seminary.

What is the greatest challenge facing a man considering the seminary?

A lack of trust in God. If you are looking for answers from God, be patient, find time every day to pray in silence, and He will answer you when He is ready.

What is your favorite psalm verse and why?

Psalm 119:165-166. “The lovers of your law have great peace; they never stumble. I await your saving help, O Lord, I fulfill your commands.” Although we “stumble” physically all the time throughout life, enduring hardships and experiencing pain, we should never allow ourselves to stumble spiritually. This is not always so easy to do. If we truly love and trust in God, we will be at peace with Him, never doubting or blaming Him, but rather waiting for His help which we know will come.

What are your favorite activities outside of the seminary?

I like to play sports, camp, hike, and do pretty much anything else outdoors.

Where do you like to go to pray?

My best times of prayer are in a quiet church, where I have a tabernacle or monstrance to view to help prevent me from getting distracted.

Where do you do your best studying?

Always my room. Any new environment provides too many distractions for me, even if it’s quiet.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. Charles Borromeo.

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