Saint Francis de Sales Seminary

Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, located in St. Francis, Wisconsin is the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's own house of priestly formation. Here, major seminarians from Milwaukee and other dioceses in Wisconsin receive their human, pastoral and spiritual formation.  Intellectual formation is offered through a partnership with Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, another seminary in Milwaukee.

All the seminarians at Saint Francis de Sales have completed their bachelor's degrees. Some earned B.A.'s in philosophy from the college seminary and proceed directly to graduate-level studies in theology. Others earned their degrees in other fields, so they need to spend a year or two studying philosophy before continuing to theology.

A key component of the priestly formation offered by Saint Francis de Sales Seminary is our teaching parish program.  From the very beginning of the seminarians theology studies, every seminarian is assigned to a "teaching parish" where he learns how to be a pastor by exploring and participating in the many, many activities of a particular parish. He gets to know the priests, staff and lay faithful.  Through these relationships, the seminarian learns from them how to be an effective pastoral minister himself.

More information about Saint Francis de Sales Seminary is available at http://www.sfs.edu/SFSHome

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