Seminarians at Lauds

Beginning With Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of a seminarian's life. Every day, we wake up and go to Morning Prayer together in the seminary chapel, followed by Mass. At breakfast, we read the paper, talk with classmates, plan out our days or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. After breakfast, we head out along our different paths.

Learning in the Classrooom

No matter which seminary we attend or which level of formation we are at, we all need to pursue our intellectual formation through intensive study. Some days we have a full schedule of classes. Other days, we may have just one or two classes. We study theology, sociology, psychology and culture, learning about ourselves and the people we will serve. That leaves time to go the library and work on papers and projects.

Learning to Become Pastors

Along with intellectual development, we focus on priesthood's spiritual, human and pastoral aspects - the four pillars of Seminary formation. Beginning in the major seminary, we are involved every week in the life of a "teaching parish,"  where we learn how to pastor God and His people.

Serving Our Communities

Our outreach assignments include working with campus ministry, leading bible study groups, encouraging new vocations and participating in community service organizations. We serve in homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals and nursing homes.

Enjoying Fellowship

Daytime Prayer and lunch offer fresh opportunities to connect with God and each other. While family and friends outside the seminary remain vitally important to us, we find additional support in the lifelong friendships we make during our years of priestly formation.

Hearing His Voice

Opportunities for private prayer come all through the day - during a solo morning run, time spent before the Blessed Sacrament, in the Eucharistic Chapel or a walk through the seminary grounds. Every day, we strive to balance time spent in liturgical, communal prayer with time spent in personal prayer.

Enjoying Free Time

While formation keeps us busy, we also know how important it is to have some down-time for rest and recreation. We might play a game of soccer or football, read a new book, see a movie with friends or visit our families.

Resting and Reconnecting

After a busy day, we're back home at the seminary for Evening Prayer together, followed by dinner, chores and homework. We wind down with friendly conversation, a little TV or some reading. Night Prayer ends the day as we began it, opening our minds and hearts to God.

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