Charles PomroyCharles Pomroy

College Program - Senior

Parish: St. Mary, Menomonee Falls

Seminary: Immaculate Heart of Mary College Seminary

Birthday: November 4

Intercessor: St. Joseph, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Therese of Lisieux

Tell us your vocation story.

I grew up in a devout Catholic family, so I heard about the priestly vocation at a young age. My family would go to mass on Sunday and pray together each night. However, it wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school when I first heard the Lord’s whisper. He was calling me to get to know Him more intimately. In my heart I wanted to do this, but I gave into the lies of the world, focusing instead on seeking pleasure, success, and reputation. This continued throughout high school, and by the time I was leaving for college I had no personal relationship with God and was deep in sin. I began enjoying the college experience the world says one should have. I stopped going to mass and focused on having fun and doing well in school. But unsurprisingly, this left me empty and I yearned for a deeper fulfillment. I went back to mass on Ash Wednesday and Jesus broke me. I lost myself in grief and guilt, for I recognized this truth: that I am nothing without God. I am a sinner who is in desperate need of His love and mercy. After returning to the Sacrament of Confession I began going to daily mass and developing a prayer life. By spending this time with Jesus Christ, I grew in my relationship with Him. Soon after it was clear that not only did the Lord desire for me to enter seminary, but through His grace I desired it as well.

What is the greatest challenge facing a man considering the seminary?

Ridding oneself of attachment to personal desires. The desires themselves aren’t necessarily bad, but if our passions aren’t held in check, we will be too distracted by our selfishness to listen to what God wants of us.

What is your favorite Psalm verse and why?

Psalm 4:7 “You have put into my heart a greater joy than they have from abundance of corn and new wine.”

The world tempts us everyday to worship idols instead of God. This verse serves as a reminder that the greatest joy comes from serving the Lord.

What are your favorite activities outside of the seminary?

Playing or watching a sport of some kind, spending time with family, and talking.

Where do you like to go pray?

In front of the Blessed Sacrament. I usually pray early in the morning because there are less distractions and it prepares me for the day.

Where do you do your best studying?

In my room or any quiet area, so long as it is organized.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

Our Lady and any of my intercessors.

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