Redmond TuttleRedmond Tuttle

Configuration II

Parish: St. Anthony of Padua

Seminary: Saint Francis de Sales

Birthday: July 21 

Intercessor: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Tell us your vocation story.

I have thought about the priesthood from a young age and been attracted to the sacrifice and lofty ideal of the priesthood. I have grown to know many amazing priests and have been struck by their life and example. I thought about entering Seminary many times but was always torn away by other desires. However, the call remained and would not go away. I ran a few small businesses, but always desired more. I desired more direct service to others and a fuller life structured around God. After moving back to Milwaukee, I moved into the JPII house and lived there for a year. The holy hour every morning changed my life. There is no better way to start the day than staring at God, conversing in silence. I applied to Seminary and for the first time in my life have been filled with a certainty about vocation and desire for the Catholic Priesthood. Getting to know the priests of the diocese and growing closer to other young catholic men and seminarians has been very life giving and I am excited to begin this journey.

What is the greatest challenge facing a man considering the seminary?

Giving up a “normal” life with a wife and family and all the attractive goodness of the world for a higher calling.

What is your favorite Psalm verse and why?

Psalm 42:7

Deep is calling on deep, 

in the roar of waters:

your torrents and all your waves 

swept over me.

Between the beginning and end of the psalm where the psalmist is yearning and cast down, this verse is the transition where the psalmist is rejoicing is in the midst of God’s action in his life.

What are your favorite activities outside of the seminary?

Boating, spending time with family and friends, and doing anything outside.

Where do you like to go pray?

Praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Where do you do your best studying?

Outside sheltered from sun and wind.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?

St. John Paul II.

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